Aqua Resort It Soal

The event is held from Aquaresort It Soal, Suderseleane 29 in Workum.

Data & Registration

The United 4 Sailing in Workum will take place on 27 and 28 April 2024.
We’ll update the information on this page when needed.


All boats must be parked in the designated areas. You can find a map of the Regatta Area here.

For non-committee ships, the passant rate of marina It Soal will be charged. Click here for the rates & conditions in the marina (in Dutch, but understandable for foreign speakers)
Mooring along the channel only for committee ships, which get a flag so that they are recognizable as such.

Race Area Workum

Race area United 4 Workum


To the Regatta Area
Everyone goes via the barrier of Camping It Soal to the Regatta Area. Only registered cars can access the campsite. If you stay at the campsite, the car will be registered for free upon registration at the reception. If you stay elsewhere, you can register the car for a fee of Euro 6.00 for the entire weekend. Click here to register your car

Traffic rules Aqua Resort It Soal
You can not drive faster than 10 km/h on the campsite. In case of violation of this rule, the site manager can withdraw the registration of the car. You will then no longer have access to the campsite. This also applies to the following weekends.


People who stay overnight at Camping It Soal (tent, caravan/camper or rented bungalette) need to go to the reception first. Camping on the green area adjacent to the beach, see map, (tent, caravan / camper) costs EUR 26.00 per tent/caravan/camper per night, plus tourist tax EUR 1.25 per person per night, to be paid in advance preferably when booking. There are no power supplies for camping on this green strip. For camping on one of the fields with electricity, the regular overnight rate is calculated, to be paid in advance when booking.

To solve the long wait for the barrier, we ask you the following:

  • when booking a bungalow, caravan, camping site at the campsite or at the point, immediately submit a registration number so that the car can be registered at It Soal
  • payment in advance, after which you will receive your house number or camping site from It Soal
  • Your license plate is scanned and gives you access (if full payment has been received)
  • go through the barrier on arrival and drive to your place. In the case of a bungalow or caravan, let one of the passengers pick up the key and drive on.
  • In all other cases do not continue until the barrier. This causes serious delay.
  • For the people who still have to be at the desk, there is a stop for short-term parking or one is referred to a separate parking place by a traffic controller.
  • For day visitors and also for ‘drop-off and pick-up sailors’ there will be someone at the barrier with cards of EUR 5.00. (valid all weekend)
  • Drive off the dike at peak times (Friday evening and Saturday morning).


Training beforehand

Report the arrival in advance to the It Soal reception (tel. +31 (0)515-541443). Come and go during office hours!

More information

Reception opening hours and barriers
The reception is open until 23:00 on Fridays, on Saturdays from 07:00 to 19:00 and on Sundays from 08:00 to 19:00.
Both barriers open and close only for registered cars from 7 am to 11 pm.

At Strandpaviljoen IJsselmeerzicht.

Regatta Office
At “de Punt”.
Restaurant tel.: +31 (0)515 – 542400
Regatta Office tel.: +31 (0)515 – 542311

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