About us

Vision and mission

We want to inspire a generation of young and unique individuals to embrace the amazing sport of sailing and have them experience a great adventure today and for the rest of their lives.

To achieve that we put together a great group of passionate volunteers, committed sponsors and partners, the most exciting single and dual handed sailing dinghies at the best sailing locations in The Netherlands.

4 times per year more than 500 sailors from many nations sail in their classes against each other and against nature for the highest honor of winning the United 4 series.

Since the first series in 1995 United 4 has become a major force in promoting youth sailing. Class Organisations have chosen these events as their trials for European and World Championships. Many past and current Olympic medalists and World Champions have started their sailing career in the United 4.

The board of the United 4 Sailing Foundation is a collegial board and currently consists of:

Arjen Wildeboer – chairman

Valentijn van Duijvendijk – secretary

Arjenne Wilkes – De Ruyter – treasurer

Margriet Pannevis – commisioner race management

The directors receive no remuneration for their work