COVID-19 protocol

We’re excited to organise the first United 4 Sailing of this season. Due to the COVID-19 virus, we do have to apply some extra rules and regulations. That’s why we ask you to read the following rules carefully and follow them when you’re attending the event. We all have to adjust a bit to this situation, so we kindly ask your cooperation and thank you all for the patience and understanding.

  • We’ll set up two Whatsapp groups for all participants. Only the organisation will be able to post in these groups, this way we can update everyone about important information during the event. We’ll share the link to those groups before the event with all participants.

  • We’re happy to organise the United 4 Sailing, but with the COVID rules and regulations, this year will be different. We hope it’s only this one time. But we will ask a lot from everyone to make it happen. For a great event, we will all have to go that extra step. The sailing is the most important factor at the event, next to safety. So please appreciate this and try to be flexible.

  • We’re not going to require everyone to wear a face mask. We will have hand soap at specific spots. Please keep your distance from each other and don’t go and form small groups close to each other. Wash your hands regularly, cough or sneeze in your elbow and stay at home if you’re not feeling well.

  • Sailors under the age of 18 don’t have to keep their distance from each other. For all the others we ask to stay at a 1,5 meter distance. For the sailors under 18, keep in mind to keep your distance from people above 18.

  • We have special “COVID coordinators”, you can recognise them from the luminous vests. They will keep order and make sure everyone is following this protocol. When a sailor, parent of coach doesn’t obey to the restrictions, the sailor(s) will get a penalty.

    Traffic and access
  • When you arrive at the event area on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you’ll be directed by the parking coordinators from Event Support. Please give them the respect they deserve and listen to their directions.

  • You can park your boats at the designated are from Friday (25 September), 17.00 hour.

  • Visitors and recreationists (speedboat/jetski’s) don’t have access to the area and will be directed to the slibway of W.V. Andijk.

  • Parents are only allowed to drop of sailors at the entrance, below the dike. Parents are not allowed to come near the boat parks (beach and slibway). The dike is a one-way route. You’re not allowed to park your car at the dike, the police will be surveilling and hand out traffic tickets.

  • So parents ARE NOT allowed to hang out at the marina. 

    Health Check
  • 48 hours before the first start we will ask you the following 6 questions regarding your health. DO NOT ANSWER THEM NOW. We’ll send you a link to Google Docs 48 hours before the first start, which you should complete and submit before the deadline of 18:00 o’clock on Friday 25th of September.
  • If you reply YES to any of the questions, you will not be allowed to participate. Inform us as soon as possible and we will unregister you and refund your entry fee fully. Also during the event, if one of the questions would apply to you, you have to leave the event. This is a requirement by our local government for organizing the event.

  • This health check applies to everyone present at the event area (parents, coaches, etc). Coaches and parents will also receive a link to those questions.

    Please inform yourself of the quesionts beforehand:
    Question 1
    In the past 24 hours or at the moment, did you have one or more of the following (mild) complaints: cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough, shortness of breath, elevation, fever and / or sudden loss of smell or taste?Question 2
    Do you currently have a housemate / family member with fever and / or shortness of breath?Question 3
    Have you had the new coronavirus (determined by a laboratory test) and has this been diagnosed in the past 7 days?Question 4
    Do you have a housemate / family member with the new coronavirus (determined by a laboratory test) and did you have contact with this housemate / family member less than 14 days ago while he / she still had complaints?

    Question 5
    Are you in home isolation because you have had direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the new coronavirus?

    Question 6
    Have you been in an “orange” / “red” area 10 days prior to the event or had contact with someone who has been in these areas?

  • We strongly recommend coming to the event area in your sailing clothes. Dressing room and toilets will not be locked. We’ll welcome over 400 sailors, so there will not be enough space for everyone to change in the dressing rooms, try to change outside as much as you can. 

    Catering and shop
  • In the restaurant MED Trattoria the national catering rules apply. So there’s a maximum of two guests for every table, you have to sit down and only when you’re part of a household, you can sit with more people at a table. The staff will point you to a table, we recommend you make a reservation beforehand.

  • The sailing shop allows a maximum number of customers inside. Please consider this before you go for a last-minute purchase.

  • The camping and camper site is fully booked.

  • The toilet facilities of ZV Bestevaer will be open for sailors at the beach. Please respect this facility and keep it clean, we’re forced to close those toilets when it gets messy.

    Registration on site
  • The reception will be closed, so you don’t have to sign in when you arrive. Please make sure all your details in Manage2Sail are correct. So make sure you’ve filled in your correct sailing number. And be aware that it’s not possible to switch from Laser 4.7 to Radial last minute. It’s a serious event, so make sure you’ve read the NOR and SI carefully.

  • Like last editions, you have to register your rib in Google docs: You don’t have to pay for the registration.

  • Ribs don’t have to sign in at the race office on Saturday morning. There’s no rescue and coach meeting. Ribs can use the slipway on Friday or after launching of the Optimists on Saturday. This way, it won’t be too crowded at the slipway. 

  • We advise you to not stall your rib at the parking area before or after the event. For many years there are thiefs active at events in this area.  We’re not reliable for theft.

  • For every Optimist team, one coach with a vest is allowed near the sailors. Every coach can have 1 helping parent for every team from 8 or more sailors. This only applies to the Optimists. We ask the coach and the parent to help launching the boats and cleaning up the trolleys. This year there will be no additional beachmasters.

  • Optimist teams will be parked within groups, the same situation was used in Workum the first weekend of September during the Optimist event.
  • Sailors on the beach are responsible for there own trolleys.

  • The race office is open after the races for protests and scoring reviews.

  • Results will only be published online.

  • There will be no after sailing snack.

  • We’re not organizing a price giving ceremony. The winners can collect their medal per coach.