Regatta Center Medemblik

The regatta will be held from the Regatta Center Medemblik, Vooroever 1, 1671 SG Medemblik. The Registration Office and the Regatta Office are also located here.

Car parking:
Park you car at the parking lot. Parking along the road on dike is NOT ALLOWED. The police have announced that they are going to check.

Sailing boats:
Optimist and Cadet launching at the slipway
All other classes launching at the beach.
Follow instructions from the beach masters.


There is no normal camping but staying with tent, caravan / camper is possible. The fee is € 19.00 per camper / tent per night. There is power available. Showers, toilets and water in Regatta Center Medemblik.

Inflatable boats:
Can be launched for free on the Vooroever via the slipway on Friday. On Saturday exclusively via the slipway in the Pekelharinghaven or against payment of € 25.00 and with the help of your own hoisting rope via the fixed crane of the Regatta Center. Inflatables only moor at the designated jetty.

The normal passant rate applies to non-committee ships.
Report to the harbor master, Bob Hanenberg: tel +(0)227-547781.

Contact Regatta Center Medemblik:
Manager Regatta Center Medemblik Marcel Hanenberg, tel +(0)227-540077.

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