Optimist, Laser, 420 and Europe at the beginning of the United 4 Series

United 4 Sailing started in 1995 with four organizing classes

Optimist, Laser, 420 and Europe at the beginning of the United 4 Series

The United 4 Sailing started in 1995 as a collaboration between different class organizations in the Netherlands. During several regattas and training weeks, different classes met each other. But they never worked together or kept in contact. The idea was born to organize a series of regattas.

Four class organizations united

The first edition of the series was open for the Optimist, Laser, 420 and Europe class. Those were the Class Organizations that started to plan the event, with the support of the Dutch Watersport Federation. The classes all saw the advantages of such a partnership in which the identity of individual classes was maintained and could even be strengthened.

At the HISWA Boat Show in December 1994 the first signs of the collaboration showed. The four classes presented the new regatta: ‘United 4 Stands Stronger’. The Notice of Race was available and there was even the option to register at the stand. The first year there were three locations on three different dates. Two series in the spring at the IJsselmeer, in Medemblik (April 22-23) and Hoorn (June 17-18) and one series late summer at the Grevelingenmeer in Port Zélande (September 2-3). The start of the United 4 Sailing in 1995 was the beginning of a successful annual regatta.

Entry Form United 4 Sailing 1995

United 4 Sailing inspires young sailors

A new tradition was born, a series of regattas for different classes. The United 4 Sailing has always been organized in the spirit of inspiring a generation of young and unique individuals to embrace the amazing sport of sailing and have them experience a great adventure today and for the rest of their lives.

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