More racing on Sunday finishes a challenging first United 4 Sailing

More racing on Sunday finishes a challenging first United 4 Sailing

After a challenging first day at the United 4 Sailing in Muiderzand, the forecast for Sunday gave hope. Less wind and fewer showers, but the showers did keep the sailors on shore for an extra hour in the morning. Once all classes were out on the water, the racing kicked in.

Principal Race Officier Theo Smits: “We can’t manage the weather, but I’m happy with the number of races we have done this weekend. More than the number of races we’ve done, wasn’t possible this weekend, so satisfied with the result.”

High-Performance course races according to schedule
The High-Performance course with the Nacra 15, 29er and RS500 have had a great day with the 5 scheduled races. Only the RS500 went back inside after 3 races, due to the low number of participants. Anneke Kikkert: “The weather of Saturday probably scared a lot of people. During the postponement this morning the weather was starting to look the same. When we came out it started to be better and we had some nice races.” The RS500 is only racing in Muiderzand, the rest of the series they have other regattas.

In the Nacra15 the Belgium duo Lucas Claeysens and Anne vandenBerghe kept their promise of one day earlier and raced some strong races. Ending up on a first place, pushing Nicolas de Vos and Victor Vandenbulcke to a second place. The Dutch Bart Kooijman Beuk and Floris Lampe finish on a third place overall this weekend.

A steady weekend for Dolf Hendriksen and Wiebrand de Vos (NED) in the 29er. Finished mostly in front of the fleet, ending up with just six points. The number two has a total of 12points: Robbert Huisman and Gijs Zuidema (NED). The Dutch Mees Beerda and Jorn Swart only race on Sunday, but that’s enough for them to get the Bronze medal.

Big Optimist fleet
A total of 166 Optimist sailors have been sailing over the weekend. It’s less than registered due to the strong winds. With a total of 3 races, the Belgium Brecht Zwaenepoel takes the win. The Dutch William Zielinski is second and third Boris de Wilde (BEL).

In the Cadet there’s also a Belgium team taking the win, Mathias Brands and Hannlore Cammaer. Mathias: “We’re not really used to these heavy winds, but it was fun. Everything went according to our plan, the starts and our line on the courses, happy with this result.”

The Dutch Anne Scheffer fights hard on Sunday in the Splash Blue A, she starts on an eleventh place but works herself up to the top. Finishes her last race in a number one position, it’s not enough to beat Dutch Timme Staal. She ends this weekend on a second place behind Timme.
In Splash Blue B, Luna van Gemerden takes the win.

Not used to these waves
Dutchies Imme Rijk and Bente Zuidema know how to make racing exciting. They are the only duo in this class with just top 3 finishes, which make them the winners of the event. Imme: “Racing in these winds and the waves, which we are not very used to, was nice. We do sail on waves when we’re training abroad, great to take those training sessions in practice this event.”

In the Laser Standard it was a battle between a Laser Master sailor and younger guys. Marnix Bos, one of the younger guys, wins the event. Putting the Laser Master, Eduardo van Vianen, on a third place. Marnix: “It was though making choices in this wind. But with Eduardo on a first place after Saturday, I had to race harder today. That’s what I did, making more speed in the boat and finish in front of him.”

In the Laser Radial Teun in der Maur wins, Thomas Westerhof finishes the event in second place and third is Michiel Bakker. In the Laser 4.7 it’s Adriaan Ouwerkerk going home with a strong win, Peer Noordanus is second and Colin Faas third.

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